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Collect more rewards or make more RS gold

Burrows-Rise of the Six is the next sequel of the Barrows mini-game where you need to defeat the 6 greatly buffed Burrows Brothers with four members in the team. Because of great difficulty of each battle, the rewards are much better than the standard Barrows. Earn those awesome rewards and more RS gold and get a chance to obtain powerful high level shields for combat type players and a material for smithing to create a high level power type melee-armour. Additionally, you may even get a bobblehead pet. How nice is that?


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Be sure you don’t miss the chance to try out this new quest. You can also gain some other drops from monsters which may be useful or you can sell them in Grand Exchange to make RS gold.


Killing goats and making more RS gold

These desert goats normally found in the desert of Khardian Desert south and south west of Nardah. The goats will drop desert goat horns which can be used in herblore in order to create Combat potions. It can also be used as an ingredient in Summoning to make smoke devil pouches. Due to this, players can make lots of RS gold when sold in Grand Exchange.


The desert goats can easily killed with decent two-handed weapons. When you arrived in the Khardian Desert, the desert heat will damage you little by little. You can use desert clothing or enchanted water tiara to prevent damage from desert heat. Collect as much horns as possible and bank them in Nardah. Repeat the process until you have more desert goat horns. Sell the entire horn in Grand Exchange to make more RS gold.