RS Gold


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Donate your RS gold and help the charities

The Well of Goodwill is a very special well which can be located south of Grand Exchange. Jagex release this very important update recently to give the Runescape players the opportunity and freedom to help the charities just by donating their RS gold, in-game items and Bonds. Jagex will donate 1 dollar for every 10m RS gold donated by players. Not only that, they will be given a titles for how much they donated.

Another reason why Jagex release the Well of Goodwill is because this will act as a massive RS gold sink for the game which will help the game to improve as well as the game’s economy.



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Making RS gold in the middle of the desert

The desert goat horns can be obtained by killing the goats or Billy goats in the Khardian Desert. The horns can be crushed using the pestle and mortar used in Herblore to make goat horn dust. The goat horn dust is used to create Combat potion and also a tertiary ingredient in infusing smoke devil pouches. Due to their uses, they can be in demand in the market place (Grand Exchange) and earn RS gold. Below, you can see where to obtain the desert goat horns.


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These goats are easy to kill using decent two-handed weapons and will respawn in just a matter of seconds. The desert heat in the Khardian desert will reduce your health points little by little. You can prevent this by wearing desert clothing or enchanted water tiara. Once you collected enough horns, sell them in the Grand Exchange to make Rs gold.