RS Gold

We will be mining a lot of Granite and sell it in Grand Exchange to sell RS gold.


Source: Wikia

A useful way of Granite to make more RS gold

Granite is a type of rock which has a lot of use and also a good source to make more RS gold. The granite can be mined at the Western Desert mining site – south of the Bandit Camp in the Kharidian Dessert. You need to be prepared when going there as the desert heat will gradually reduce a RS players health points without protection. A player must have waterskins inside their inventory or equipped with Enchanted Water Tiara.


Breaking a granite using chisel is pretty useful to breakdown the granite to smaller pieces. Each weight of granite has different RS gold prices. It is better to sell breakdown granite to be able to make a lot of RS gold. Below are the prices of each weight:


Source: wikia

Within an hour, you can make a lot of RS gold just by mining and breaking down the granite into smaller pieces.