RS Gold

Mining granite can be hard earned for making a decent selling RS gold


Source: Wikia

Making RS gold with the use of Granite

Granite can be mined from granite rock which can be found at Western desert mining site – South of Bandit Camp in the Kharidian Dessert. But be wary of desert heat as it can continually reduce a player’s health. This can be prevented by having waterskins in inventory or wearing an Enchanted Water Tiara. This can be a great source of RS gold and RS trading when mined.


In this guide, you will need starting RS gold as a start enough for buying Granite (5kg) in the Grand Exchange.

  • Buy granite (5kg) as much as you like from Grand Exchange as long as you have enough RS gold.
  • Get a chisel if you don’t have one and put it in your tool belt.
  • Break the granite (5kg) into granite (2kg). Break it again into granite (500g). This will help you sell from 100 to 200 RS gold each. It is possible to make 50k to 200k RS gold from 100pcs granite (5kg).


In doing this, you can make at least 500 RS gold within an hour.