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New quest for RS gold hunters

Just a few days ago, Jagex has just released a new quest which has a Halloween feeling on it. It is called Missing, Presumed Death. The new quest is one of the main cores of the Sixth Age storyline. Players may experience and explore new areas, solve new puzzles and riddles, and battle against the undead monsters, gods and even mortals. Once you finished the quest, you will be given tons of new rewards.

The Missing, Presumed Death can only be participated by MEMBERS only. In order for FREE players to participate, you need to use your RS gold and buy the BONDS in Grand Exchange in order to become a
MEMBER. Enjoy the quest!!


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Cooking the Tune Potatoes not only will recover your life points but it is also a good source for RS gold sell.

Cooking Tuna Potatoes and making more RS gold

The Tuna Potatoes can be made that requires level 68 Cooking skills. The ingredients are of course potatoes, bucket of milk, raw tuna and sweet corn. Each potato heals 200 to 1700 health points which depends on your level of constitution. They are alternative food compared to fish but it is still high demand due to their low RS gold price. Before buying the ingredients, be sure you have enough RS gold and check their RS gold prices and test out their profit.


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To start making more RS gold, buy an equal amount of “Tuna and Corn” and “Potatoes and Butter”. Combine both the ingredients and select make all to use up the entire ingredients. Store them at the bank and buy another batch. Repeat the process until you’re satisfied. Sell the entire tuna potatoes in the Grand Exchange for more RS gold.