RS Gold

Pie shells can be filled with several fillings and once cooked from the range, you will be able to make pies. These pie shells are important and high demand, you can earn more Rs gold when you sold it at the Grand Exchange.


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Let’s start making pie shells and make RS gold

The pie can be considered as some of the most best healing foods that existed in Runescape. Although pies can be time consuming when making, most of the players buy their pie shells at the Grand Exchange instead on making it on their own. Pie shells can be very demanding so it is a good way to make more RS gold. Below are the effects of pies:


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Let’s start making pie shells. Buy a lot of pastry dough and pie dishes. We will be using both of these items to create pie shells. Fill up your inventory and storage with these two. Click the pastry dough with the pie dish. Now use all the pastry dough and pie dishes to make pie shells. Fill up your inventory the storage with pie shells. Once you’re finish, sell the entire pie shells at the Grand Exchange to make RS gold.