RS Gold

More FREE players occasionally sell Red Dyes to sell RS gold and on end result you will gain great profits just by creating and selling them.


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A guide to earn more RS gold by creating Red Dye

The Red Dye is made from three red berries. It can also be bought from Oronwen at Lletya from the seamstress’ shop. This item is also tradable to other players so you can also sell them to make RS gold.


In order to start making Red Dyes, start by buying at least 2000 red berries. If you don’t have enough space on inventory, store them at the bank and withdraw 27 red berries and some enough RS gold. Follow the map (from the image below) in order to get to Aggie witch’s house from Draynor Village.


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Talk to Aggie and select “make dyes”. You will be asked what type of dye you want. Select the “Red dye”. One red dye cost three red berries and 5 RS gold. Repeat the process until you don’t have enough red berries on you inventory. Withdraw some from the bank and store the red dye you make earlier.