RS Gold

Making pie can be simple and easy buy it’s not a short process method, that’s why some people, sells pie shells to shorten the process and at the same time make more RS gold.


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A guide to make pie shells and make more RS gold

There are various types of pies such as red berry pie, meat pie, and wild pie and so on. You can only take 2 bites with it. Each bite with some of the pies will give you have the effect like regaining some of the missing health points. That’s why pies are popular food for most of the players in Runescape. It is also one of the ways to make more RS gold.


But we can’t make pies without the pie shells. On this guide, we will show you how to make pie shells. You can start by buying a lot of pastry dough and pie dishes. You can store those two items at the bank and fill up your inventory. Combine the pastry dough with the pie dishes. Once you combine all of the pastry dough and pie dishes you now have an inventory full of pie shells. Sell the entire pie shells at the Grand Exchange to make more RS gold.