RS Gold

Swamp toads could fetch a fair RS gold price at the Grand Exchange due to their use in Summoning and other things


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Catching Toads; guide to make RS gold

Catching toads is not such a bad thing. In fact this will give you more RS gold when you sell them at Grand Exchange. A full inventory of Swamp toads will give you a lot of RS gold and they respawn very quickly.


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Swamp toad’s legs can be removed.  The legs are used in Herblore which is an ingredient for an Agility potion, or players can eat the legs themselves to recover some health points (taste like “chicken” they say). You can sell those at the Grand Exchange to earn Rs gold.


Head to the north of Tree Gnome Stronghold and you will see a swamp. There are easy alternative way to get there by teleport using the Spirit Tree. Pick up all the swamp toads you see. Once your inventory is of Swamp Toads, head back to the city and sell them at Grand exchange. Having an inventory full of toads can be sold for a lot of Rs gold.