RS Gold

Creating fire is one thing, but using the ashes out of burnt out wood is a great thing for RS gold sell


Source: diylol

Burn everything and in turn it will give you ashes to sell for RS gold

Alright let’s make some easy and simple way to make RS gold that even new players in Runescape could able do it. This way of making Rs gold is available for both FREE and MEMBER players and does not require skills at all.


When you burn something, and after the fire runs out, you will see a lot of ashes. Although Ashes have some limited uses like creating a Serum 207 using Herblore skill which is make them very valuable among MEMBERS, FREE players can only sell them by burning some logs (like Willow logs) to make more RS gold.


To make RS gold from Ashes, you need to have enough RS gold to start with. You need to buy logs (such as willow logs) at the Grand Exchange until your inventory is full. Now burn all the logs from your inventory and wait them to burn out. Once the fire is gone, collect all the ashes until you inventory is full. Sell them at the Grand Exchange for Rs gold.