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New quest for Runescape 3 good for RS gold farmers

After three weeks after the newly launched of Runescape 3, an upgraded version of Runescape, is now ready to take another step to enhance the gaming experience of the Runescape players and of course to obtain more rewards for RS gold. Yesterday Jagex launches its first quest in the New 6th Age, as the gods have returned to wreak havoc over the people of Gielinor.


The Death of Chivalry is the first quest to be released and that it features Sir Owen, his mission is to recover the ancient and powerful artifact. The quest will take place in the Black Knight Castle which the players will help Sir Owen to retrieve the all powerful artifact for the almighty Saradomin.


The players whatever their levels will be able to participate in this quest. However the difficulty of the quest will scale by how much the player’s level. The quest consist of a lot of decisions to choose and a lot of secrets to be revealed as the story progressed, but players need to be careful when choosing as the choices made here will have a impact the way the quest unveils. Choose wisely, you may be able to obtain a great reward and a lot of RS gold.