RS Gold

Having a hard time making RS gold in Runescape? Mining and smithing can be a very good way to Runescape gold sell as long as you have a trusty pickaxe.


Mining RS gold for profit in Runescape

Mining is a skill that is used to extract ores gems, rune essence, and other important resources from the rocks inside the mine. Ores can be smelted with the use of a furnace which turning them into a bars that can be use to create equipments and other items using Smithing. Ores is a great source of RS gold which you can sell them at the Grand Exchange.


To get started in mining, you need a pickaxe in order to extract resources from the rocks. Once you have a pickaxe, you can now start mining and earn RS gold from the ores you mined.


You can also find a mine with iron and coal which in turn can be created into steel bars which is worth a decent amount of RS gold on the Grand Exchange.


When you finished the Dwarf Cannon quest, you can start creating cannonballs as long as your smithing level is 45 and mining at 30. Cannon are worth more RS gold.