RS Gold


Image Source: Runescape Official

Just a week ago, Jagex released cool looking alien-like armour which is called Sirenic Armour. This armour is a level 90 high leveled ranger type which can boost the stat for Ranger skill and at the same time increase the defense stat in order to withstand any hard hitting damage from monsters. They are made from Sirenic scales which are drops from monsters and creatures in the Monestary of Ascension. Due to this, it can also be said it is a good source for Rs gold sell.



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These little green creatures will surely help you make more RS gold by capturing them in the swamp.

Collecting the swamp toads and making RS gold

The swamp toad can be used as an ingredient to make barker toad pouches while when you removed the toad’s legs, it can be used to create agility potions when mixed with clean toadflax. It can also be used to make gnome cuisine. Because of its usefulness, it is also in high demand and can be a good source for RS gold sell.


These swamp toads can be found at the swamp northwest of the Grand Tree in the Tree Gnome Stronghold. When you arrived in there be sure to fill up you inventory with swamp toads. You can use the bank in the Grand Tree use the ladder in the southeast to the central tree. In there, you can find two banks on the west part of the 1st floor. Once you’re satisfied, you can sell them in Grand Exchange to make RS gold.