RS Gold


More prices coming in the Christmas event and more Rs gold you can earn

Starting today, Jagex will start their Christmas holiday event called the 15 Days of Christmas. This event is a Christmas related event in which only last for 15 days only. On this event, members can obtain a festive cracker which will give you random prices. The Festive Cracker can be used by both players in order to open it. Once opened, both players will gain 1000 bonus XP on random skills and at the same time, the original owner of the Festive Cracker will gain a random prices. One of them is the rare Black Santa Hat. This is a rare hate which is also tradable and can be sold in the Grand Exchange for RS gold.

Players who are still not a member can use their RS gold to buy Bonds from Grand Exchange. The Bonds can be used to become a member. You should check out the limited offer membership deals that have tons of benefits and bonuses.



Try out the second world event and obtain rewards and make RS gold

Runescape players, try out this exciting new world event that Jagex recently released. The event is called, The Bird and the Beast. This second world event introduces two gods; Armadyl and Bandos. These gods fight over weapons of mass destruction. Players get to choose which faction they want. Once you’re faction won, you can obtain awesome rewards or make more Rs gold by selling the rewards.

In this second world even, Divination skill has a role in the world event, safe PVP is available, and players can build golems. The golems can either defend or attack the opposing faction. Players who contributed in their faction can earn Renown. The Renown can be used to exchange for rewards they want. You could even make more RS gold by selling some of the rewards or you could just use them.