RS Gold


A Christmas event in Runescape: more RS gold and prizes to come

It’s almost time for Christmas and Jagex is already prepared. Jagex will be having a Christmas related event this day and only lasted for 15 days. This event is called The 15 Days of Christmas. The members in Runescape will be able to obtain festive crackers that could be open by two players. Once the festive cracker is opened, both players will obtain 1000 bonus experience to a random skill. Not only that, the player who originally owns the festive cracker will obtain a random price. If you’re lucky, you could even win the the Black Santa Hat which is a rare item. The Black Santa hat is tradable and you could sell those for Rs gold in the Grand Exchange.

Wearing a Christmas outfit will increase the member to obtain a festive cracker while using the skills or killing. It will increase by 20% on each Christmas outfit. The more you gain festive crackers the more chance you could win a great price and make more Rs gold.



Join faction, fight the others, obtain more rewards and Rs gold

After the first world event “Battle of Lumbridge”, Jagex released a second one called “The Bird and the Beast”. This event introduces the gods; Armadyl and Bandos. These gods fight over the weapons of mass destruction. In addition to that, players can kill each other in the PVP-safe areas and raid other faction’s caravans. Players may have chance to obtain powerful weapons and armors by contributing themselves in their respective faction and gain more RS gold by selling the rewards in the Grand Exchange.

Each player will obtain Renown when the players contribute to their factions. While Members can gain 30,000 Renown daily, FREE players only obtain 14,000 each day. If you have an excess RS gold, be sure to become a Member by buying the Bonds in the Grand exchange. You can redeem the bonds into member subscription.