RS Gold

Planning on building your “perfect” character should be your priority before investing your rs gold…


To save RS gold and time, SKILLs must be plan

Before any combat activities in-game, one must start on using skills such as cooking or fishing. These skills doesn’t cost much rs gold but will help you to earn rs gold. Aside from earning gold, you may be able to save gold in a way that you may craft your own food to restore your rs character’s health points.


Main Skill, to save or to spend more RS gold

Since Runescape doesn’t have skill lock depending on the class, Runescape has a wide selection of SKILLs. Depending on your character’s path weather he’ll be a crafter, merchant to get rs gold for your main character or PVP class which basically will be your main character.


Different skills will vary depending on the path you’ll be crossing. To see rs skill guide, click here.


to save or to spend rs gold is always your choice…