RS Gold


Use your RS gold and buy Bonds to become a member

Jagex brings back the membership club along with new tons of benefits and bonuses when you joined the club. This club is called the Premier Club. On the Premier club, players can choose three types of package with different bonuses and benefits; Gold, Silver and Bronze. Players can become member of the Premier club using Bonds. The Bonds can be bought in the Grand Exchange using RS gold.

Below are the example Gold package:

  • 12 months of membership.
  • 150,000 Loyalty Points.
  • Premier Club-only pet: Piggles the Flying Pig.
  • Premier Club-only pet: Commander Porkins.
  • One extra daily spin on Squeal of Fortune.
  • VIP world – an exclusive game world for Gold Premier Club members.
  • Exclusive Q&A sessions hosted on the VIP world.
  • VIP badge (can be toggled) that appears besides your name in chat.
  • A VIP badge displayed on the forums.
  • Promotional Items from 2013 and 2014, including pre-paid card cosmetic items.

By also becoming member, you can also access all members’ only areas and dungeon. You could even make more Rs gold without any limit.


Making use of Coinshare to share RS gold to your party

Jagex updated the Coinshare option for the use of party. In the new update, the Coinshare has the ability to turn high-value item drops into 120 pieces item shards. These item shards will distribute equally and fairly among all members of the party. It will then send directly into their banks. The item shards can be sold in the Grand Exchange to make Rs gold.

Coinshare can be useful to party if they want to share their RS gold profit of selling high-value items in the Grand Exchange. Jagex also updated their list of items that are affected by coinshare.

Other than Coinshare, there is also Lootshare. The Lootshare has an ability to distribute the low-value item drops to the members of the party equally. Even though they are low-value items, you can still earn a decent amount of Rs gold when sold in the Grand Exchange.