RS Gold



There are many Runescape players are already been victimized by some scammers and losses a large amount of RS gold. This is a bad news. Players who don’t have any knowledge on how they can prevent scammers are prone to scam.


A way to save your RS gold from scammers

Before buying anything from other players like Street Vending, you need to research the RS gold price of a specific item on the market like Grand Exchange and compare the prices between GE and Street Vending. You can also ask to your trusted friends in Runescape about the current prices.

You can also research or investigate the method used by scammers and create a countermeasure to prevent being scammed in the future. Be sure that you don’t use any of their techniques, who know when the bad karma will strike you. You can share your countermeasure to other players or your friends in order to help them. This way not only you save your RS gold but also you saved other players.