RS Gold

Robbing RS gold is a form of second degree robbing…why not Check RS gold out here instead of meeting strangers…



They said RS gold transacting face-to-face is cheap and convenient… but they’re wrong…


Black marketplace is where the players who are wanting to make a real money profit out of games; from selling in-game currency, in-game items to game accounts. But is this kind of underground transaction really safe? When you post your inquiries or offer to White marketplace, they will have your FORUM account ban… much worst is your gaming account that will leave you nothing… rs gold… rs items… rs account… nothing…

Just like the victim of face to face transaction of buying rs gold for real money; the “seller” wanted to avoid transaction fee and some other things. Nowaday this kind of “illegal” activity is being transacted through middle-man services or other trading platforms. However, usage of trading platforms or midman may cause few fees which will depend on their rs gold price and selling rs gold price.

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Why Runescape players BUY rs gold?

-they don’t have time to make runescape gold by themselves

-short in rs gold and immediately need gold for crafting/buying rs items

-pvp oriented players doesn’t focus their daily activities on making money BUT spending more rs gold to build a “perfect” character


Why Runescape players SELL rs gold?

Obviously there are a lot of reasons why people sell their gold.

  • -Enjoy playing the game and earning money from  gold is THE FUN part
  • -players tend to sell  gold to “get back” the subscription fee they are spending every month
  • -players who are quitting and doesn’t have plan on coming back sells their rs item, runescape gold even their rs account

Lots of reason to say but soon Runescape might be like other game publisher who allows this kind of activity just to keep their players…