RS Gold


The Runescape 3 is now live and kicking along with the Battle of Lumbridge. RS 3 also introduced the New Interface System which is highly customizable to make the player more comfortable. Players who have an account from the Runescape may still continue their progress on Runescape 3, so your RS gold trade and RS items is safe and sound.

The Bad News for RS gold hunters

Although Runescape 3 is already live, it is still uses JAVA rather than HTML5 which is a bit disappointing. According to their website, their HTML5 is still in beta stage meaning it is still on progress. If you tried to play the HTML5 beta, you will encounter a lot of bugs especially in rendering and some animations. To play the beta version click here.


Below are the specs you need on your PC for the Runescape 3 to be able to run smoothly.

Recommended Specs RS gold hunters need to check


Image Source: http://www.runescape.com/beta