RS Gold

Since almost all good items and features in Runescape are only available for members only, free players are only have limited resources of RS gold. But if you have a lot of RS gold then you can convert them into your monthly subscription by selling your RS gold to other players.

Before selling you RS gold, beware of scammers


In the world of MMO, there are a lot of scammers out there searching for new victims. Especially to some fake site that offers Game Trading and RS gold. Before having a transaction to other players, it is better to have a trusted middle-man that holds the money from the buyers. After the deal is complete the middle-man will now give the money to the seller. If you are using sites with trading platform, you need to identify it first, research it and ask some opinions of others especially in forums.

Tips to get noticed as much as possible when selling RS gold

  • Don’t overpriced your RS gold, lessen the price to a much reasonable price.
  • Have a good reputation in order other players to trust you.
  • Players hate delays. Schedule your transaction and give them you valid contacts.