RS Gold


Giving your password is giving ALL your rs gold away

Since foul words are being blocked by Runescape there are rs players who think that Jagex may also be filtering your PASSWORD or Credit Card numbers. Don’t get fooled! The game can’t tell that you’re typing your account’s password! Protect your rs gold by protecting your account’s password don’t type it on your chat window!

This jagex Account Guardian helps you whenever your account got access from different device or location (IP address). This question is very important that you MUST not let anybody as in ANYBODY know this, if so you won’t be able to back your RS account… all your rs gold and rs item that you worked hard for will come to waste.

Account hackers may see your account character’s rs gold and rs item, BUT they can’t steal the rs gold and other rs items inside your BANK. They may trick you with chat and recovery questions but SECURE your 4 digit Bank Pin!

FREE memberships give away
This can be get from winning Runescape event (Depends on the Event reward you’re joining). Just like Event “RuneScape Journey Competition: Win Lifetime Membership!” winners got a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP but even so, Jagex DID NOT require the winner to give out his account info.

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