RS Gold


Today is the day of the release of the new outfit that is available on the Squeal of Fortune. This new outfit is called Shaman’s Outfit which uses the power of the spirit wolf that can boost your Summoning XP gain. There are a lot of new items especially the Spirit Wolf parts. In order to make Shaman’s Outfit, you need to collect five parts each (claw, paw, pelt, femur and skull) and fuse it with Spirit Wolf Blood. The Wolf Blood can be obtained either on the Squeal of Fortune, collect it from monster drops, or you can buy RS gold. Or sell RS gold.

How to obtain Shaman’s Outfit for RS gold hunters


In order to gain Shaman’s outfit, combine 100 Wolf Blood together with any part of Spirit Wolf and talk to Mohegan which will appear to you and exchange it for a piece of Shaman’s outfit and some Summoning XP. The Shaman’s outfit grants you 1% Summoning XP boost for each part. When you completed the set, you can have 5% Summoning XP boost which it can help you level up you skill faster. It is still unknown if whether the outfit is tradable which it can sell for RS gold.


Fang of Mohegan can be obtained by having 400 Wolf Blood – just use your RS gold to buy them if you don’t have enough Blood – and combined it with Spirit Wolf Skull in addition to the Shaman’s outfit headdress. The Fang of Mohegan can grant you one daily teleport to a Summoning Obelisk of your choice. These can also double the chance of charm drops.