RS Gold


Rs gold awaits while you Finish Misthalin training

This is a training center for player safety and located between edgeville and gunnarsgrunn. To be able to get the training, one must FIRST inspect each jail cell door in the stronghold of player safety’s jail. Talk to the Professor in the Training Centre and complete the written test he gives you. Upon completing this training, players will be getting experience; rs gold and safety first emote.


Locate an open cell and locate the chest on the floor in Northeast. The chest contains 10,000  rs gold and safety gloves.

Earning rs gold this easy sure is beneficiary especially to low level players. 

Research and Experiment are your tools to save RS gold

Researching is a bit boring to some people, but this can also helps you to get a lot of RS gold by knowing what’s popular on the market or knowing the statistic and make a strategy in order to increase your sale. You need to know the price of the item you want to sell/buy to the market, compare it to other players like street traders. Once you researched enough, you need to experiment your strategy little by little before implement you strategy.


Try to experiment you ideas or strategy. Use your RS gold to buy anything worth it on the market that has a higher values or popular among the market but remember to buy as little as possible because you are just experimenting. Wait for a day or two. See if there is a change on the price of the items you bought. Then sell the items with a much higher price than the original price. Now observe the market. Once you are satisfied with your experiment, you can now use your strategy to increase your RS gold.