RS Gold

Before you start converting Unblessed Symbol, you need to start having a little bit of RS gold as your starting point since the return can be result to more RS gold.

Converting Unblessed Symbol to Holy Symbol for Rs gold


A Holy Smybol is a symbol imbued with the sacred power of Saradomin. This can be made indirectly through the Crafting skill. In order to start making RS gold, first you need to buy Unblessed Symbol as many as possible.

  • Head over to the Edgeville Monastery and go inside.
  • Talk to Abbot Langley and ask him to join to the monastery.
  • After he let you join, go up to the ladder and talk to the NPC named Brother Jared. Have him bless your Unblessed Symbols. This will turn into Holy Symbol.
  • After the conversion, head back to the Edgeville bank the store all the Holly Symbol.
  • Buy another batch of Unblessed Symbol if you have enough rs gold and repeat the process.


The Holy Symbol can be sold for 115 RS gold. This kind of method can make a lot of RS gold in an hour.

It can also obtain from specific monster by killing them:


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Remember to check the price of Holy Symbol before selling it to update you on the RS gold price.