RS Gold


Smithing cannonballs and making Rs gold

The Cannonballs are commonly used as ammunition for the Dwarf cannon. Players who want to create cannonballs; they must complete the Dwarf Cannon quest as a MEMBER. Once completed, you need to have ammo mould, steel bars and level 35 Smithing. If you have the necessary materials, you can now start making cannonballs by using the steel bars on a furnace (the ammo mould must be in the inventory or toolbelt) resulting 4 cannonballs per steel bar. By doing this, you can create many cannonballs and you can sell them in the Grand Exchange for RS gold.


The best place to make cannonballs is in the Edgeville. You need to complete 1st the Varrock Tasks to be able to use the Edgeville furnace. Buy as many steel bars as you can in the Grand Exchange and store some of them in the bank. Use the steel bars on the furnace and choose “Make all” to turn all steel bars into cannonballs. Repeat the procedure until you turn all bars into cannonballs. From there, you can start selling the entire cannonballs in the Grand Exchange to make lots of Rs gold.