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Using transmutation ability from Divination skill to turn an item into a higher value item and sell them to make more RS gold.


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The benefits of Transmutation and gaining more Rs gold

The Divination skill is a skill that gathers divine energies and memories that can make useful portents, signs and boons. It also has transmutation ability which transmute and item into a higher value item that is useful for generating materials and making more RS gold. You can also use divination skill to conjure bountiful divine locations for you to harvest. In order to harvest divine energy, you must first activate a wisp by simply clicking the wisp and choose “harvest” option. This will turn into corresponding spring; from there you can now start harvesting memories and energies and at the same time XP for divination.


The transmutation is useful abilities of divination. By turning the items into higher value items, players can use this to make more RS gold simply by selling them at the Grand Exchange. Below are the items you can transmute and the energy needed.



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Pies are the best items when it comes to recovering your health points and also some additional effect depends on what type of pie. This is also a good way to make more RS gold.

Cooking with Wild pies and make more Rs gold

A Pie is a type of food that can make from Cooking skill. The pies all take 2 bites to eat. In order to make Wild pie, a player requires level 85 cooking. Each bites of wild pie will regain your health points by 850 with a total of 1700 health points for the whole wild pie. It also raises your Ranging skill by 4 and slayer by 5. This type of pie considered the best item to make more Rs gold.


There are various items needed to make Wild pie. Below are the items needed to make and it also shows their RS gold prices and their location:


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The top shows how you can make Wild pie using the ingredients we show you. Once you make enough Wild pies in your inventory, you can sell those pies at the Grand Exchange to gain RS gold.