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In this article, we’ll be talking about the free-to-play quest, Rune Mysteries, for novice Runescape gold hunters who want to earn gold4rs quickly. Ariane knows that the Wizards’ Tower is under threat, but no one wants to believe her. Help Ariane protect the Wizards’ Tower and discover what’s really going on. Find out more about this quest in the article below!

Rune Mysteries F2P Quest

Helping Ariane: The Rune Mysteries F2P Quest

Speak with Ariane at the entrance of the Wizards’ Tower, who is trying to convince Wizard Valina to let her enter the tower as she believes there is a serious threat to it. Valina refuses to allow her because Archmage Sedridor forbids her entry for any reason. Ariane will ask you to pass the message to Sedridor. However, a cutscene will suddenly play showing a magical vortex attacking Wizard Borann, the librarian.

The Old Tower and the Vertex: The Rune Mysteries F2P Quest

The vertex must be lured to the center of the power beam by casting Air Strike on it. You can purchase air runes from other players with RSgold, but you can also pick up the tower west side next to Borann. If you already have a mindspike in your bank, it will not appear on the tower floor, so make sure you have the mindspike with you to avoid an unnecessary trip to the bank. Continuing onward, stand at the other side of the beam and set a spell to auto-cast and attack the vortex to lure it into place. If you have low magic accuracy from wearing melee armor, the spell may fail. It is recommended to prepare for this quest with a better set of gear, which you can get when you buy RS gold. Use an Air Elemental spell and keep attacking until the vortex moves to the center of the beam and disappears. Other magic abilities can be used to lure the vortex, though it is not recommended as it is much harder to control.

The Old Tower and the Vertex: The Rune Mysteries F2P Quest

Talk to Ariane outside the tower near the bridge and probe her as to why she was not allowed to enter the tower. She will then reveal to you that she is a seer, and will also tell you about her background. After a lengthy dialogue, she will ask you to talk to Archmage Sedridor, Wizard Ellaron, and the other wizards to try and find out about what has been happening. Enter back into the tower and interact with the wizards. Return to Ariane afterwards and tell her of Traiborn’s observations of the creatures coming from the library floor. Eventually, she will talk about an old rumor that the door to the ruins can be unlocked by casting Water Surge, which you have yet to prove in the next part of this guide.