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Today, Runescape released a massive batch of auras for Runescape gold hunters, including all-new options and higher-tiered versions of some of the players’ old favourites. Read the article below to find out more about New Auras for Hallowe’een!

New Auras for Hallowe’een

Other Updates: Gauntlet of Souls

From 00:00 UTC on 27th October, Gauntlet of Souls will break free of its shackles and shambles from RuneLabs, lasting all through the Halloween period, for two weeks. Along with a whole new and spooky environment timely for the holiday event, there are also some great gold4rs rewards, including a Kharidian cat pet, gravestone overrides and XP-giving herb burner.

Brand New Auras

Brand new auras are now available when you buy RS gold, through Xuan’s Loyalty Store or Solomon’s Store, such as the following auras that come in five tiers (all with benefits ranging from 3% — 15%):

  • Dedicated Slayer— Slayer kills have a chance not to reduce your assignment count.
  • Flameproof— Reduces chance of burning food.
  • Focused Siphoning— Increases chance of successful siphoning at the Runespan.

Melee Berserker, Brawler, and Other Auras

The following are equivalents to the melee Berserker aura (both at tier three):

  • Reckless— Boosts ranged damage and accuracy, at the cost of defense.
  • Maniacal— Boosts magic damage and accuracy, at the cost of defense.

Brawler comes in four tiers, with benefits up to 10%:

  • Brawler— Increases melee accuracy.

There also new tiers for the following RSgold hunters’ favourites:

  • Wisdom— Supreme and Legendary tiers, with duration increased to 60 and 90 minutes.
  • Jack of Trades— Legendary tier, requiring 25 different skills trained in three hours.

A Look at Gauntlet of Souls

Gauntlet of Souls is set to focus around Icthlarin versus Amascut in the Grim Underworld. Players will have to help Icthlarin guide souls across the River Noumenon, a.k.a. the afterlife. Sounds exciting enough! The idea, apparently, originated from the May 2015 winner of RuneLabs. It’s slated to release this 26th of October (countdown begins, cheap RS gold enthusiasts!), so stack up on items when you buy Runescape gold and prepare yourself for the plunge into the Underworld itself.