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Time for the second part of the guide! Ships ferrying supplies to Ashdale have returned with their cargo still aboard, reporting that the island has apparently been deserted. Help Gudrik investigate the mystery surrounding Ashdale and find out what’s going on in this free-to-play quest for Runescape gold4rs hunters!

Shadow over Ashdale F2P Quest

The Smuggler’s Cavern

After inspecting the bust, a staircase will appear. Descend the stairs, and you will end up in the Ashdale Caves with another crassian scout and a dead smuggler. Search the body to find a Smuggler’s journal, which explains that a band of smugglers had discovered the caves and planned to make it their hideout. However, they accidentally stirred up a nest of creatures which abducted their captain and killed the crew. Advance down the cave and there will be another scout, which you can run past anyway. Enter the cavern with barrels, pipes, and a large door. In order to open this door, you must channel water to it. Collect the Valve outer wheel, Valve inner wheel, and Pitch. Repair the leak in the pipe with the pitch, combine the wheel parts into a Valve wheel by using them on each other, and then repair the socket on the central barrel. You will see that the barrel at the end of the pipe is already full of water, and you will need to turn the Valve wheel on that barrel to move it to the other barrels in sequence, until you flush down the last barrel into the door, thus opening the door.

Deeper into the Cavern

Go through the door and enter a chamber where you will find three more crassian scouts. This chamber has crassian pods, which appear to play some part in the crassian reproductive process. Kill the scouts so that the barrier to the next area will disappear. Unless you have low health points, do not leave this room without killing all three scouts as leaving before doing so will set your progress to zero, and when you return you the scouts you killed will be back as though you did not kill them, and you will still have to kill three scout to progress in the quest. You have the option to search the chest in the northwest to find 125 rsgold and an uncut sapphire. Enter the next tunnel to go to the next area where a cutscene will show a crassian warrior patrolling over a corridor with a spike trap beneath it. If you approach the creature, it will fire an unavoidable and unblockable ranged attack that deals damage equal to your current health points; though being hit and killed by the attack does not count as dying and simply places you at the start of the area with all of your items intact.

Of Warriors and Scouts

To get past the warrior, just go over and pull the lever on the opposite wall whilst it is turned. The lever will activate the spike trap, killing the warrior and opening the barrier to the next area. The next area has another crassian warrior moving around a circular trap. Dispatch it in the same way by pulling the lever on the opposite wall, and then continue onwards. In the third crassian warrior area, there are two separate warriors on two different traps. First, avoid one warrior and find the lever on the northern wall and pull it to dispatch both of them. Through the next barrier, after the body of another dead smuggler, search a chest to find 500 Runescape gold and three more uncut sapphires. There are two traps in the next area, each with two warriors patrolling. The lever can be found on the northern wall at the second trap. Continue onwards until you see a large ship, and you will encounter two scouts after a short cutscene, which you can either run past or kill. Search the chest to find 132 cheap Runescape gold and an uncut emerald.