RS Gold

RSgold hunters can get items and cheap RS gold from new dragons being added to the game. Adamant and Rune Dragons have been added to Runescape to challenge even those who buy RS gold. Today’s guide will take a quick look at the magnificent beasts and how to get gold4rs from them.

Adamant and Rune Dragons

Finding dragons

Powerful foes often yield a lot of items and cheap Runescape gold. The new Adamant and Rune Dragons are no exception. Players both those who buy Runescape gold and those who get their RS gold the hard way can find the dragons in Brimhaven Dungeon and Mount Firewake. To be more precise, the former is where Adamant Dragons can be found while the latter is home to Rune Dragons. Additionally, Adamant Dragons will be behind magical barriers that require higher levels of Slayer before they can be accessed.

Fighting dragons

To face the dragons, RS gold hunters will need to get a slayer assignment from a slayer master. Assignments for Adamant Dragons are given out by Kuradal and Morvran. Rune Dragons however are only assigned by Morvran. Before you head out and fight them however, make sure that you have anti-dragon gear. Pick up dragonbane ammo to use in the fight, otherwise, you will not be able to deal any damage to these creatures. That is, until you have broken through their armour plating.

Another thing to consider is that the Rune Dragons will be able to fly. Players will have to contend with a flight phase rendering melee attacks useless. There is also an enrage phase where Rune Dragons will become more powerful. Lastly, there is a chance that an elite version of the Rune Dragon will spawn after killing a normal Rune Dragon. Elites offer better loot, but are much more powerful.

Gold and items

Defeating Rune Dragons will give players a chance to loot items that will upgrade their gear. They can make level 90 power boots if they have steadfast, glaiven or ragefire boots. Additionally, Elite Rune Dragons have a chance to drop the Kethsi Ring that increases damage against metallic dragons. Other drops include Kethsi Scrolls, pages of the journal of Dactyl Dragonkin.