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In this article, we’ll be talking about the free-to-play quest, The Blood Pact, for novice Runescape Gold Hunters. You can start the quest by speaking to Xenia in the Lumbridge Cemetery. Xenia will appear to recognize you as the great hero in her vision, and asks you for help in dealing with some Zamorakian cultists that have kidnapped, Ilona, a young girl who was going to the Wizards’ Tower to learn magic. Find out more about it when you read below.

Blood Pact F2P

Of Cultists and Catacombs: Blood Pact F2P Quest

Make sure to stock up on items you buy gold4rs with. As soon as you enter the dungeon, a cutscene will play showing you the three kidnappers, Reese, Caitlin, and Kayle, as they take Ilona deep into the dungeon. Though Kayle is initially hesitant about performing the ritual, he is reprimanded by their leader, Reese, who reiterates that they are bound by the blood pact and that they cannot abandon their plan. Reese orders Kayle to guard the door while he and Caitlin continue on ahead. Once the cutscene is over, ask Xenia what a blood pact is and she will tell you that it is something Zamorakian cults do to swear loyalty to their leader. It is not real magic, though it can have a great power if someone believes strongly enough in it.

Defeating Kayle

Enter the large hall and you will now engage in a battle against Kayle. When you move into the front chamber, he will attack Xenia with his chargebow, thereby injuring her. With her life points now depleted, she will ask you to fight alone and defeat the cultists. You may use any form of combat to defeat Kayle, though Xenia will recommend melee. For lower levelled players, it is recommended that you get close to him while taking advantage of the walls on either side of the chamber to reduce the damage. Use abilities such as Slice as it will dish out more damage. If you opt for ranged attacks, Piercing Shot can be used, while mages can use Wrack against Kayle. After defeating him, you can ask him about the other cultists. He will tell you about why they chose Ilona for the ritual and so on. At this point, you may choose to either kill him or spare his life. Note that whichever choice you decide upon makes no difference. Additionally, you may pick up his chargebow that he drops on the floor.

Defeating Caitlin

Caitlin, the second cultist, will be waiting across the room from you after the battle with Kayle. This is where you put the chargebow to good use. Caitlin will attack you using Magic attacks, which is why it is recommended to use ranged attacks or ranged magic to defeat her. She seems to be an easier opponent than Kayle; her spells are more accurate, but the damage she deals is lower than that of Kayle’s. After defeating her, operate a winch found in the room to cross to the other side of the room as you cannot do this while she is attacking you. Once again, question Caitlin about the cultists’ intentions and try to squeeze out as much information as you can. You can either kill her or spare her, the same as with Kayle. Either way, she will drop her staff on the floor, and you can now move on to the final battle.

After speaking with Xenia, descend the stairs at the end of Caitlin’s chamber to confront the leader of the trio, Reese. You may defeat him through any means, but Xenia will recommend using Magic, namely Air Strike. Deal continuous damage and you will be able to defeat him in no time. Afterwards, question him about his place. You can choose whether to kill him or spare him, but he will inevitably choose to commit suicide by drinking from a vial of poising, realizing that his plans had failed. The coffin in the room to the south will crumble, revealing a set of stairs out of the catacombs. Untie Ilona, and listen to her story back at the surface. This concludes the Blood Pact quest. By finishing quests, you can gain a sufficient amount of RS gold. Otherwise, you may also buy cheap Runescape gold from fellow players.