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Have you tried subduing the Wintertodt in Old School Runescape? If not, you are missing a lot since it is a good source of Old School Runescape Gold. What is Wintertodt anyways? I got its definition in the 2007scape Wikia:

The Wintertodt is an unknown entity that brings unfathomable cold to the abandoned and desolate reaches ofZeah. According to the look-out, it is unclear what the Wintertodt actually is, but its ability to alter the weather to such extremely low temperatures has earned it notoriety among the people of Great Kourend.

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It is like a little blizzard of some sort. Players need to suppress it in order for the people (NPCs) to be safe.

Pretty neat activity in Old School Runescape, right? It would be a great activity to do in the game. Well, someone had to say something about it and it is not a good opinion.

Old School Runescape Gold: Little Opinion

I know I’ll probably get hate and downvoted for this, but personally I dislike the way wintertodt currently is. I do like that there’s a new option for players to train it, just for me personally it’s OP and easy money. I feel like Jagex catered to lazy players who couldn’t be bothered to train firemaking the old way. While I understand the old way was really click intensive and boring, it required logs and took logs out of the game. Since wintertodt there’s so many logs and other supplies coming into the game. Firemaking has never been a money making skill. I’m not saying Wintertodt is afk or that it’s easy, I personally just think it’s OP. I know a lot of people will deny this, but apart of me feels like people are denying this because they don’t want it to get nerfed and the people who do agree with me will only change their mind after they’ve achieved 99. Wintertodt is currently better xp than burning magic logs and the people who got 99 on magic logs before wintertodt are people who are genuinely rich and can afford it. Even if Wintertodt got nerfed xp wise, people would still do wintertodt to 90 as you make money and not as much work required. Firemaking was once one of the rare capes as most people found it “useless or boring to train” to me, this wasn’t the way to go about it as it’s a bit like bonfires to me. Not completely the same as you need to chop the roots and eat occasionally, but you get my point. Why do OSRS say they don’t want easyscape, yet continue to vote this kind of stuff in? I don’t mind Wintertodt, I just think it’s OP and you shouldn’t make money from it. Why not add a fee to take part in Wintertodt, so at least then there’s some money coming out of the game? /over

This is the post of 346346363 in the OSRS subreddit. I think he makes sense but of course there would think otherwise. What do you think? Do you think Wintertodt is too easy for leveling and making RS 2007 Gold therefore it being OP? Let us know in the comments section below!