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What’s Mine is Yours is an F2P quest for novice gold4rs hunters in Runescape who want more rsgold. In this quest, you need to help revive Doric the dwarf’s dying business, but there is actually more to the story than that. Find out more in the article below!

What’s Mine is Yours F2P Quest

A Dwarf’s Dying Business: What’s Mine is Yours F2P Quest

Doric’s Hut is located north west of the Falador lodestone. Go there and talk to Doric to begin the quest. He will tell you that his business is ruined, since the past few months he’s been getting little to no orders, even from loyal customers like Nurmof, who apparently cancelled his pickaxe order from Doric. On top of this, his son Boric, who finished his studies at Keldagrim and was supposed to be home weeks ago, is missing. Ask and he will tell you that his last remaining customer is Sir Amik Varze, the leader of the White Knights in Falador. Suggest that you will provide Sir Amik with the smith’s best work to attract potential buyers.

Materials for a Friend: What’s Mine is Yours F2P Quest

Doric is low on the raw materials—especially high quality ores—needed to produce his finest works. Obtain them for him as he must wait in the hut for his son’s return. The ores that he needs are:

  • 2 high-quality copper ores
  • 2 high-quality tin ores

Doric will hand you a mining sites map and an ore bag for locating and storing the special ores respectively. The sites that you have to go to are the Dwarven Mine, Rimmington mine, and the south west and the south east Varrock mining site.

Into the Mines: What’s Mine is Yours F2P Quest

Before heading off to the specified mines, make sure to gear up and stack up on items when you buy Runescape gold. As you gather ore at each mine, a Living rock brawler will appear and attack you. These animated brawlers may be particularly difficult to defeat depending on your level, and if that is the case, you may need to rely on better equipment you can purchase with cheap RS gold. Anyway, once they have been dispatched, they will drop a high-quality ore each. The brawlers located at the south west and south east Varrock mining sites, however, drop a broken anvil amulet and a wizard’s diary respectively.

The Dark Wizard Elijah: What’s Mine is Yours F2P Quest

As you enter the Rimmington mining site, a cutscene of a certain Dark Wizard Elijah, as well as a concealed dwarf talking about enchanting some of the rocks to prevent obtaining the ore, will play. The Dark Wizard will cast a spell and then teleport away. After mining all the ores, make your way back to Doric. Use the Falador lodestone to fast travel and then walk north west until you reach the hut.