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Even if Old School Runescape is a bit outdated compared to other MMORPGs in today’s standards, we can still say that it is still challenging. Actually, people shouldn’t be surprised that Old School Runescape is challenging because MMORPGs nowadays are babysitting players too much. In OSRS, you take every help that you can get. Yes, some tips aren’t that much helpful but still, you take them into consideration. Whether it is a tip on leveling or on how to get OSRS Gold, try them. You never know, that certain guide might be the most convenient for you as an Old School Runescape player.

OSRS Gold Help

Fortunately, there was someone who reminded us that there’s a trick on how to get early gold. Yeah, OSRS Gold is definitely needed and you might want to read up on this. This is a post by ItsSpyke from Reddit on how to get gold early in the game:

Can’t believe this actually works, but it does, and someone probably already said it before me, but oh well, friendly reminder.

Basically if you’re a new account, AKA fresh off tutorial island, you’d probably need some starting cash.

Start off by just selling everything. Kill some cows for cowhides, chop trees at Varrock west bank, just do something to get to 1k cash.

Then just head to the GE and look for people who are doubling and tell you to test them.

Trade them your 1k and they’ll trade you 2k back (seriously, nobody scams a new player for 1k, unless they’re really that desperate for cash).

Try it with multiple people, up the amount you give them, and you’ll have some good starting cash in no time.

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You can do this as one of your ways of getting Old School Runescape Gold. You can still buy OSRS Gold if you are fortunate to have real life with you that you can spend on OSRS Gold.

If you know other ways on how to get early game OSRS Gold, let us know in the comments section!